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Danielle Bradbery - "My Day" Video

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I was fortunate to be invited by NBC Olympics Marketing to produce a music video featuring the very talented winner of last season’s “The Voice”, Danielle Bradbery in which we cut her superb live performance into some fantastic Olympics highlights. We think it came out great, but please see for yourself…

Almost everyone wants to know how we got our name? Do we really sell beans? Not yet, anyway. The real story goes something like this…

Matt Ragghianti’s first job in the entertainment business was the assistant to an Academy Award winning movie producer. Part of his duties included regularly picking up the producer’s children from grammar school and bringing them back to his home, which should help indicate just how glamorous and illustrious a position this actually was. So, one day, on the way home from school the kids convinced (okay, ordered) Matt to drive thru a local Mexican fast food restaurant for an afternoon snack. In the midst of placing their order, the kids cajoled Matt into asking the man on the other end of the ordering intercom what kind of beans they used in their products. And after several attempts to get out of it, Matt finally relented. There was a long pause on the other end of the intercom, until, finally, a very confused and heavily accented voice responded… “Umm… just…regular beans.” The children howled as if these were the funniest words ever spoken and, much to Matt’s dismay, insisted they do this every day from then on.

Two days later, in that same drive thru, Matt made himself a promise: If he were ever fortunate enough to have his own company, he would name that company “Regular Beans” to remind himself of where he started.

And the rest, as they say…is history.